In order to work with IOS device you would need to connect via lightning connector to USB b cable or a USB interface. I wouldn't expect the 3.5mm dac output to drive any better then the regular 3.5mm output on the computer. This problem is my main grip about the unit. AND you're putting in two AKM 4493 DACs. The Monolith USB DAC brings out the best in your headphones and digital music files. With Apple Music it's displaying 48kHz. You would need a lightning to USB adapter. It just makes them sound effortless. You need to get an adapter from your phone (USB C, USB Micro, whatever it is) to USB A Female. … And some apps (Tidal) need you to dig into their settings to enable using exclusive mode. Can this be used as a line out in the same way as the AQ Dragonfly by simply maxing out the source (i.e. I am planning to use my SMSL SU8 as well! Last edited: Jan 12, 2019. With that said, the color choice sure makes it look like a vfd. With Amazon Music, however it's displaying 192kHz. Would this be an upgrade to the Dragonfly Black 1.2? Disclaimer: The Monoprice Monolith THX Portable Headphone Amplifier and DAC … I’m seeing a balanced cable on Amazon for the 1060C. I do not feel it is a showstopping issue though. Keep an eye on the volume though. So far, I have been very pleased with this amplifier. This is a steal. Plenty of inputs on the back like Optical which is what I use directly from the TV. and 86 answers. Connected to my laptop , you can plug in the headphone into the Monolith and adjust the volume with the laptop volume adjustement but there is a volume + and - button on the DAC so you can do wathever you want . I am in love with the Monolith THX AAA 788 balanced dac/amp by Monoprice. The Monolith line from Monoprice continues to impress with this release, a headphone DAC/amplifier offering a vast and unique feature set, gobs of power, and all the while falling in a competitive price range. Buy Monoprice Stereo Tube Headphone Amp 24bit DAC, Bluetooth, and Monolith Planar Headphones online at low price in India on Equipment Forums. To see and take advantage of our member pricing sign up for a business account or contact our sales team. Monolith M570 with Benchmark Media stack. There are two main reasons I bought this: 1). Sometimes that means an unadorned, plain Jane device that arrives in non-descript packaging. Is this common? Will it works with Google Nexus 7 tablet (OTG capable) at Android 6.0.1 level? That means it consumes 100 mA or less from USB. Some songs, its wonderful. The DAC circuitry alone guarantees deeper detail and improved spatial recognition. All prices are subject to change without notice. like most USB DAC's this has USB B input on the back. Also tested with older MacBook Pro. This DAC has the same chip as the dragonfly red which according to audioquest is an upgrade in quality over the black. For my set up - I'm using an iPad Pro, with usb-c to usb-b to the monolith. Auto Notification does not Yes, that's exactly why I got it. Everything is black. Here, I would paraphrase that to: … Unbelievable clarity and detail, increased stereo separation and pinpoint imaging. How to Choose the Best Monoprice Dac (with Price and Reviews) Although most Monoprice Dac are similar, there are several differences worth noting. Coupon by bossusa. ... After struggling with whether to buy the $200-300 AudioQuest's Dragonfly USB DAC, I decided to check Monoprice… I had the same issue so I had to go to sounds-> thx aaa amp/dac-> right click-> properties-> then you can select the bitrate/samplerate you want your PC to output to the amp/dac. Do you work for Monoprice? This has definitely added a new wow factor to music for me. I asked a question to Monoprice regarding adding a 20hz region in the PEQ in a future firmware update. Absolutely! It is priced at $499.99 Disclaimer: The Monprice Monolith™ THX Amplifier sent to us for this review is a paid-for sample. The reason i only gave it five star's is because I'd like to see an HDMI inlet. If one were to do this mod, what would the volume and gain need to be set at to get standard line out voltages from the xlr connectors (2vrms, 4vrms, etc.) curious how you are connecting 3.5 male from DAC into your receiver? It was surprisingly loud when I first plugged my headphones in.. Every review I've seen says to turn down source first and then balance the two, maximizing source first. Output impedance is 1.3 ohms on 1/4 jack. I've tried a ton of Dac/Amps for music, gaming and movies/tv and the Monolith just does everything better. It is priced at $499.99 Disclaimer: The Monprice Monolith™ THX Amplifier … CDN$175.24. There is a free app you can download to test your device -- USB OTG Checker. I purchased mine through Amazon simply because they offer five monthly payments of $100 each. This would give you nearly 124dB of SPL with the amp on full power. And general health advice says, that you should not listen to anything that loud for more than a few seconds if you don't wish to suffer permanent hearing loss. I was going to pair it with my own SMSL SU8 as well! If I were to run a separate dedicated DAC with this, will that bypass the DAC functions on this AAA788? There are four physical buttons on the right-hand side for menu functions. Newegg shopping upgraded ™ I stopped wondering if the Dragonfly was any better because i'm so happy with this. Monoprice Monolith 10, 12 and 15-inch Subwoofer Review: Speaker Reviews, Measurements and Discussion: 32: Nov 6, 2020: K: Rotel 1576mkII vs Monoprice monolith HTP-1: Home Theater AVR and Processor Review: 26: Sep 23, 2020: Monolith by Monoprice Liquid Platinum Balanced DAC by Alex Cavalli (AKM4499) Digital To Analog (DAC… You can thank me later. This also assumes you buy into MQA being something you actually need. News. This is difficult to answer because there are many factors to consider. Will it support head phones like hifi man HE-500's? I just checked my Monolith box, which I left the accessories in that I didn't need. I had it for a couple of weeks so far, and it improves sound from mobiles and laptop. Desktop Headphone Amplifier and DAC with THX AAA Technology (Dual AKM 4493 DACs & Dual AAA-788 Modules). And the headphone outputs and RCA inputs/outputs will continue to work fine. If you want to stream Tidal in hi-res, well you likely want MQA. I would uninstall the drivers. I've finally found my end game Dac/Amp with the Monolith. It is currently priced at $249.99 but the SRP is $299. Yes. I use mine with full-size headphones of mixed sensitives as well as a pre-amp and it is black as black for me but I don't have anything extremely sensitive. However, anymore the DSD files, formerly only found on SACD's, are available as Hi-rez downloads from quite a few sites and some people have even gone to the considerable trouble of ripping their SACD's, so they have the files on a computer. As an engineer, producer, this was one of the best purchases I've made. Although price is not the only factor to consider, it is nevertheless extremely important. A USB Type-A to Type-C adaptor will be handy. The sound constantly stutters, making it unlistenable. How is the dirac sensaround? I work for THX and have seen the schematic ;). DAC/Amps: Creative SXFI Amp, Creative X3, Monolith THX AAA Portable Share This Post post-14970559. This drives my Sennheiser HD 6XX's (300 ohm) with headroom to spare! Featuring a powerful 6N5P tube and dual 6N3 tubes, the Monolith Tube Headphone Amplifier will effortlessly drive the most demanding headphones. Yes, I have used my Monoprice USB DAC on a laptop computer with the output going to an analog input on an older stereo receiver. Output impedance of AAA-788 is very low! I have never seen a USB B to lightning cord. And read up on power ratings and the dB (decibel) scale to make your life easier in the future. I don't think it's due to the amp so much as it is from running the input through an active adapter connected to my computer. Monolith by Monoprice Tube Headphone Amplifier with ESS Sabre DAC. You will need a type A adapter. Categories: Headphone amps and amp/DACs. Be very careful with the volume on this DAC, Hi I need install My Monoprice Monolith USB DAC , but don't have Drver for Microsoft Windows 8? interesting that's a deal breaker when there are better formats that the DAC recognizes. If so how do you switch between them? Based on my experience with my phones, one running Android 10 and the other 8.1, I'd say no. Only if you use an adapter to convert the signal to optical or USB then use a USB A to B connector. Hoping to use this only for its amp functions. It makes headphones transparent, you don’t hear left and right, just the music. While it didn't quite reach the level of the Chord Hugo 2 that I primarily used to independently test the analog section, that DAC sells for 2.5X the price of the Liquid Gold X ($2,495 versus $999), so it's not a very fair comparison. I'm not confident in my soldering skills to do this myself. Nope! In fact, there are both XLR and TRRS cables shown. For Macs you should not need one but Windows will likely require one to take full advantage of the high resolution formats. Finances is what holds most of us back isn't it? It may even be better than the red due to the newer Sabre chip. Using the CCK (Lighting to usb 3 adapter) it should. How is it different from not turned on? Or the dsd will be converted to pcm? Could be your sources only output that bitrate. It was sent to me for review by the company and costs US $99.99. If your device supports USB audio 2.0, it will play hi-res PCM files up to 24-bit/96-khz just fine. I have speakers with rca stereo line in. Flac and MP3 files. © 2001-2021 Monoprice, Inc. All rights reserved. I don't think the Monolith is Android compatible. Your unit was updated in production, What is the difference between this item and https://. Equipment Forums. I’m very happy with mine. Was planning of pairing the SU8 with the Massdrop 789 but I missed out on the drop AGAIN. Or would the DAC plug straight in my Marantz? It's less than 0.05 Ohms at 1 kHz. Monoprice Monolith Liquid Platinum - By Alex Cavalli Home. However, I've had some random issues with the sound cutting out sporadically (very infrequent). Monolith by Monoprice Desktop Balanced Headphone Amplifier and DAC with THX AAA Technology (Dual AKM 4493 DACs & Dual AA The Monolith THX Desktop Headphone Amplifier and DAC features cutting edge technology to bring out the best in your headphones, playback device, and music library. for example, the Massdrop x THX AAA™ 789 Linear Amplifierwhich seems to be similar is 8.3 x 9.1 x 2.2 in (210 x 230 x 57 mm). what's the output impedance of this thing? The Monolith™ THX® Portable Headphone Amplifier and DAC features cutting edge technology to bring out the best in your headphones, playback device, and music library. This DAC will work without a charger plugged in, whereas the prior Monoprice USB DAC will only work with a charger (it enumerates as needing 200 mA, this one only 100 mA). I know the AQ dragonflies have an amp. I ran my optical cable from my Marantz CD to the Monolith Amp but getting no sound. I didn’t see usb power info. Windows cannot control DSD playback volume. The wood on the earcups is even more … MUCH MUCH better! Monolith by Monoprice Liquid Gold Balanced Headphone Amplifier and DAC by Alex Cavalli Discussion in ' Headphone Amplifiers and Combo (DAC/Amp) Units ' started by … What is the power consumption like when paired with a smartphone? Worth every penny!!! and 203 answers. Still... seems like it needs a firmware update, USB driver update, etc. I believe Apple makes them. If you need balanced output, see above for information on a modification. The other does not. The Monolith measures 5.35-inches x 2.84-inches x 0.57-inches (about the size of a typical smartphone) and weighs in at half a pound. Forums. It uses the USB 2.0 audio standard, so it will work with your phone's USB port. Monolith by Monoprice Portable Headphone Amplifier and DAC with THX AAA Technology, Monolith by Monoprice M1060C Over Ear Closed Back Planar Magnetic Headphones, Monolith by Monoprice M1060 Planar Headphones with 2.5mm Connectors (Open Box). In my opinion it's the one and only software issue. This is a DAC / Amp combo. What information do you have? You can hear details that are submerged when using other portable dacs. There are no gain or impedance levels. I gave it another shot this morning, just to double check. It probably has a loose or torn component. It's a fraction of the price of a Dragonfly. Connecting the USB DAC to my MacBook Pro is easy with a USB-C adapter. Drives my HD800S just fine. At $99.99 and $329.99, respectively, these items are in contention with similar products from other manufacturers, but with Monoprice you usually get MORE than what you pay for. The DT 1990 Pro offer only single ended connection. Sep … Monoprice Monolith Liquid Platinum Headphone Amplifier by Alex Cavalli Discussion in ' Headphone Amplifiers and Combo (DAC/Amp) Units ' started by Vtory , Apr 4, 2018 . Dealighted analyzed 404 new deal forum … For DSD64 or 128 you need the included driver in the product page. Share This Post post-15180132. Because the only thing I've seen is a staff response that told someone that it was not a truly balanced output (that response seems to be gone now), which prompted this question. The jack isn't working. Yes, you will be able to set different gain levels. Yes it can power demanding headphones. Here are nine criteria to consider when choosing an Monoprice Dac: (1) Monoprice Dac Price and Reviews. Do not include HTML, links, references to other stores, pricing or contact info. Final dimensions are not complete, but it will be relatively compact. Featuring dual THX AAA™ 788 amplifier modules for best in class amplification, an AKM® 4493 DAC for an exceptionally musical experience, and Dirac Sensaround® II decoding for an out-of-your-head, larger than life soundstage, the Monolith amplifier … Unless you are having issues, then contact customer support. Tags: We got our hands on Monoprice's newest home audio additions for review, the Monolith USB DAC headphone amp and the Monolith M1060C planar magnetic headphones. If it says your device supports USB OTG, you are good to use the DAC. I like that it has both 1/4 inch and balanced 4-pin XLR headphone outputs, and that I don't have to be tied to a computer to do EQ in software. What kind of place would take on a job like this? I would not "update" it if it came with a higher version. You can use the balanced headphone output on the front as a balanced output. It will make a lot of people happy to hear it. Due to limited supply, all products are sold on a first-come first-serve basis. You're right, just scared myself a couple times, then went with the Fiio Q 1 MK2. Exceeded all expectations. No issues. Search (past 7 days): Monolith by Monoprice Liquid Gold X Balanced Headphone Amplifier and DAC by Alex Cavalli 9 . It also supports TRS unbalanced output. The Monolith can function as both a DAC and a preamp for additional flexibility. The Dirac Sensaround will work on both types of inputs. Monolith by Monoprice HTP-1 16 Channel Dolby Atmos & DTS:X Home Theater Processor w/Dirac & Alexa ... Or are we saying that FULLY BALANCED only needs to be single differential or 2 Channels of DAC per Channel? Small and easy to use, it instantly upgrades the sound quality from your computer with its internal 32-bit, 384kHz ESS Sabre DAC… So much better, I can't listen without it! Discussion of this new fully balanced DAC/Amp by Monoprice using THX AAA technology. I believe so since my Google Nexus 7 has Android 6.0.1 which is pretty ancient and it support USB OTG so Chrome book should have no problem to work with the DAC. However, when I tried to use it with the SMSL SU8, (which sounded amazing with my Jotunheim) it sounded VERY subpar compared to the internal DAC already in the 788. I got one from Periapt Cables. ), Yes, you may have to turn up the volume on the usb dac a few clicks as well. It also has no problem driving any of the 3 sets of phones that I use with it. I wish the volume knob was faster, but that's just a nitpick. The Monolith™ Liquid Gold X Headphone Amplifier and DAC by Alex Cavalli is a miniaturized version of the original and popular Cavalli Audio® Liquid Gold Amplifier that uses ±18V rails to achieve high power in a small package. Monolith Hi-Res DAC Headphone Amp - Black with Savitech SA922 Controller, 32-bit HyperStream, Plug and Play. I myself use the HD600 with it, wich is 300 Ohms and has a similar efficiency to the Beyer headphone, and it sounds very good, no distortion or anything. MARANTZ - HD-AMP1 Integrated Amplifier/DAC Integrated Amp $599. Just run off the Monoprice on its own? Is there a chance on new firmware to let user adjust the screen brightness or turn it off? Then scroll the volume button counter clockwise until to get to Optical input - Then press Enter [input]. Hi! The biggest improvement was on my IMR R1’s, it made them sound like speakers. You can turn the whole unit off but not just the screen, if this is turned on then so is the screen. The display is definitely not VFD. Would be nice to use the dac for speakers. Detailed, Spacious Sound with emotional impact. does the Dirac Sensaround mode work when using the analog imputs or only works with the digital ones? This will get increasingly worse, and eventually stop working all together, so I recommend sending it back immediately for a replacement. The Monolith measures 5.35-inches x 2.84-inches x 0.57-inches (about the … This happens in both Safari and Chrome on my Mac. Could you plug a Bluetooth transmitter into it and listen through wireless Bluetooth headphones? Disclaimer: The Monoprice Monolith THX Portable Headphone Amplifier and DAC sent to us for this review is a paid-for sample. Pick one up. My device works fine. Announced over six months ago, Monoprice’s new headphone amp features a 6N5P tube and dual 6N3 tubes, as well as an internal 32-bit 384kHz ESS Sabre digital audio converter (DAC). Monoprice Monolith Liquid Platinum by Alex Cavalli - Single AK4499EQ ($499.99) Monoprice's Monolith Liquid Platinum DAC by Alex Cavalli is a premium flagship class desktop DAC. It will drive anything out there. This is true but if the speakers are active you will want to use the rca out. I had two amps in the mid-three-figures range that I could compare it with: the Monoprice Monolith Desktop headphone amplifier and DAC with THX AAA technology ($449.99), and my usual reference amp, the Audio-gd NFB1-AMP ($485). This just got reviewed on May 6, 2019 at ASR and it is pretty. Once you have the DSD files on a computer, you can play them on this unit via the USB type B input, assuming your player software supports the playing of DSD files (JRiver, for example). View and Download Monoprice Monolith user manual online. If you're curious about the changes, I would contact Monoprice directly. Can this be used between my Samsung S9 and Marantz as for streaming? Bluetooth would obliterate any extra detail the DAC would resolve. I would keep 1.04, it will likely show up on the product page soon. There is just a volume control. More than enough power to drive my 1more Triple Driver Over-Ear headphones. Closed headphones sound better than open. This occured when my niece pulled my headphone cord while in the jack very aggressively. I had purchased the 1.5 with the jitterbug plugin about a year ago but decided to try the Monolith USB DAC. This is a review and detailed measurements of the Monoprice THX AAA Desktop DAC and balanced headphone amplifier. I use a 3.5mm to RCA adapter to connect Geshelli Labs Archel2.5 Pro Amp to drive my headphones. It's working for me on Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS -straight out of the box, not manual drivers needed. Will it be below 1ohm so we can use it with more sensitive IEMS and the like? Guys this is not the answer, Can u be more technically on that? I haven't had it a year yet. The Monoprice Monolith™ THX Amplifier is a mid-fi priced THX certified DAC/Amp combo featuring dual AK4493 and up to 2W of power. On my windows pc I have mine set to 192k, What computer (MAC/Windows) are you using and then what program are you using? Hopefully they will add this along with fixing the speed of the volume control. Does this unit work with iOS devices with lightning connectors, like iPad Pro and iPhone? Yes, it is a definitive upgrade to the Dragonfly Black (either the 1.2 or 1.5 version). I don’t have this issue. Would it be USB C from phone to USB A into the DAC and then 3.5 male out from the DAC to my Marantz? More as it develops... Will I benefit from plugging in some powered desktop speakers? The Monoprice Monolith THX Portable Headphone Amplifier and DAC is a mid-priced portable performer featuring THX AAA amplification technology. This is a review and detailed measurements of the Monolith by Monoprice Liquid Spark DAC by Alex Cavalli. Yes it will, plus the sound will be utilizing a ESS Sabre DAC as well for better sound quality. It commands the listener's focus. Will this DAC work with that? Monolith amplifier pdf manual download. Can we pass SACD DSD to this unit? You can bypass it. The unit you linked is just an amplifier. I have also verified it works with an iPad Air, and an iPhone 6s. That is hard to say. Does this USB DAC require drivers for higher than 24/96 and DSD with Windows 10? Monolith Desktop Headphone Amplifier and DAC with THX AAA Technology (Dual AKM 4493 DACs & Dual AAA-788 Modules) The Monolith THX Desktop Headphone Amplifier and DAC … Featuring dual DACs as well as dual amplifiers, DIRAC Sensaround II, … Is this something I could take somewhere to have done for a fee? Browse 61 questions In either case it is variable level controlled by the volume knob, so it can function as a preamp for speakers. Does this product not have a pre out or line-level out? And my-o-my! Would this provide more power than my computer? Out of the box, the answer would be no. Post #63 of 151 bassct 100+ Head-Fier. But the latest firmware listed on the product page is 1.03. should I update to that? Overall, great sound and amazing bang-for-the-buck. I am just speculating so take this as a grain of salt: You can hook up any SACD player with analogue outputs to the amp and you will have DSD playback. AVOID. So there is no amplifier in this beyond a standard jack? With the dragonfly red DAC, my iPhone X experiences sound cutting in and out. I am also experiencing similar issues. I have a new Sony 4K w/ Android TV and a USB port. The volume control in Windows is iffy, and only works with PCM sound. But it could even be traded up. I would recommend this amp. You'll be constantly turning it on and off depending on the music/genre and recording. Once you know, you Newegg! The Monoprice Monolith THX Portable DAC and headphone review reminds me of the famous line from Voltaire: perfect is the enemy of good. You obviously know that Monoprice have gone all-in with the black look. I think it is pretty subjective, and the effect definitely varies by track. It's less than 0.05 Ohms at 1 kHz. They are high quality and affordable. The 1070’s are lovely to look at and to hold. Also, if this unit supports DSD over DoP, you could probably use the coaxial digital input, but it is not stated if this unit allows that. My unit came with firmware 1.04 pre-installed. Will there be a Balanced XLR headphone cable for the M1060/c in the near future ? Mainly because the Monolith uses the ESS 9018 chip and the 1.5 uses the ESS 9010 chip. Obviously, we stand by his answer as we worked extensively with THX in bringing this product to fruition. Apple supports external DACs/Amps. Yes, it does. This was sent out to customers today: Dear Monoprice Customer, We are reaching out to inform you of a new firmware update that is available for your Monolith by Monoprice Desktop Headphone Amplifier and DAC with THX AAA Technology.. I suggest following a guide to set this up in foobar2000, though be warned that you will ONLY be able to play DSD files until foobar2000 is terminated. I encountered a problem (maybe just mine alone) that the driver hard blocked the Wifi on my computer; I merely went to the BIOS screen and Enabled Wifi and that fixed the problem. According to the specs on the USB DAC here though, it says: Most people use the lightning to camera kit. No issues, and the sound quality is excellent. You can get it on the hifime website. I've found that if you decrease the bitrate slightly in the MIDI system settings, it helps. Monolith tube HPA is selectable; 32Ω, 64Ω, 150Ω, 300Ω, & 600Ω. 1 Irvrobinson It works with iOS devices, and 2) price. … Check out the Dragon Tail by AudioQuest, that's how I'll use the DAC at the gym with my new IEMs. Has this been addressed? The picture has the two balanced analog lines labeled as 'analog in', shouldn't that be analog out? I liked the form factor of plugging straight in, no cable. Roughly the size of a thumb drive, you can have the ultimate in sound reproduction with you at all times. Monoprice’s new Monolith Tube Headphone amplifier claims to bring out the best in your headphones with rich, warm sound of vacuum tube power. Supporting sampling rates up to 32bit/768kHz and DSD up to 22.4Mhz, the Liquid Platinum Balanced DAC … Featuring a THX AAA™ 78 amplifier module for superior amplification and extended battery life, an AKM® 4493 DAC … Certainly a BIG step up from my Schitt Modi/Magni DAC/Amp setup. You would need a lightning OTG adapter. It works on Windows 10 PC, MacBook Pro, and Pixel 2 Android phone. Nestled inside, the … The Monoprice Monolith THX Portable Headphone Amplifier and DAC is a mid-priced portable performer featuring THX AAA amplification technology. When I'm outputting via Tidal it displays 192khz and outputting via foobar will the sample rate of the file matches the display. Just use the Monoprice on its own? Build quality isn’t impressive, but probably fine if you’re not too rough. Tax and shipping will be calculated at checkout, Monolith by Monoprice Desktop Balanced Headphone Amplifier and DAC with THX AAA Technology (Dual AKM 4493 DACs & Dual AAA-788 Modules). It definitely is not a gimmick. Will this keep its volume setting if unplugged? The 4206 is the Apple-specific version of Cirrus' 4207 - a fairly well-respected DAC. 15 Jan, 3:36 am. If you do losless FLAC Hi Resolution audio, MQA is unnecessary. Is there something I need to set on the amplifier from the menu that I have overlooked? Faster transient and dynamic punch to bass and kick drums. Monoprice Monolith Liquid Gold (X) Home. Featuring a THX AAA™ 78 amplifier module for superior amplification and extended battery life, an AKM® 4493 DAC for an exceptionally musical experience Yes, the volume knob also controls the analog outputs. Please somebody tell me. Monoprice Monolith Portable Headphone Amplifier and DAC sports a brushed aluminum front. Pure enjoyment is the term that comes to my mind! Quality amp/DAC/EQ for $500? It's 100% digital preamp and only true analog on the output side. Got my unit this month with firmware v1.04 and I do not see any option to adjust brightness or turn off the screen in the settings. You'd basically lose the benefit of the USB dac. How do I tell if the device supports USB 2.0. For Windows: PCM you need no driver. If your question is about more than one item, click + to add them. Can this function as a preamp for external speakers? It will, however, have an AKM 4493 DAC. Not sure about Macs, but for Windows, make sure to install the provided XMOS driver from the product page, check that you have the latest firmware, and most importantly, in the Device Properties window Advanced tab, make sure to enable both boxes regarding Exclusive Mode so WASAPI compatible software can enforce the correct output to match the source. Thanks. with minimal noise? It costs US $480 from Monoprice direct including free shipping. Buy Monoprice Monolith Desktop Headphone Amplifier and DAC with THX AAA Technology (Dual AKM 4493 DACs & Dual AAA-788 Modules) with fast shipping and top-rated customer service. Continuation, if the chrome OS works just like Mac or Windows, were you can adjust the audio input and output sound card settings, then this will work. It does not have USB 3.0 connectivity, though it will function just fine in a USB 3.0 port. You just turn the gain up or down depending on your headphones until the volume is good for you. it has no USB and no Toslink/SPDIF inputs, just analog RCA and XLR inputs, one is just a headphone amplifier and other is a headphone amplifier with DAC. No but it's really tough to better it's dual AK4473s and DSP. However, this should be able to work. The only way I can stream using ASIO through the DAC is using Asio4All. remove C67, C76, C79, C84 to disconnect XLR3's from the ADC. Even with a camera adapter this dac does NOT work with iphone. The Monoprice Monolith USB/DAC vs. Dragonfly Red, Earstudio ES100 and Fiio BRT5 Review/Comparison Pros : Sounds as good or better than DAC's that cost much more. Monolith™ by Monoprice Portable Headphone Amplifier and DAC with THX® AAA Technology (Dual AKM 4493 DACs & Dual AAA-788 Modules) P/N 24460 User's Manual Watched a review and the volume on the unit kept going after the reviewer stopped turning the knob. , please Help Thanks. The control panel permits the amplifier output (variable) to be directed either to i) the XLR4 and 1/4" TRS, or ii) to the RCA outputs on the back. What DAC would you pair with this? Mentioned in this article Right-click the Speaker icon in your system tray and click Playback devices. Incorrect? When using USB input, why does unit always display 48KHz regardless of source? It sounds many times better than the audio output from my MacMini. Powerful USB Dac. Downloaded the xmos USB driver from here, it and the hardware always display 48KHz. OK, so the 788 isn't a true balanced amplifier... but you're putting two in. Thank you! Hold the Enter [input] button for 2 seconds. I own the 1990 Pro and it's definitely more than enough power!

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