N. AME: _____ REFERENCE #:_____ DATE: _____ General Requirements Reference: 46 CFR (b) A credential may be renewed at any time during its validity and for 1 year after expiration. (a) Except as provided in paragraph (g) of this section, an applicant for renewal of a credential must establish possession of all of the necessary qualifications before the MMC will be renewed. QUALIFICATIONS: High school diploma. Advanced Subjects, Unlimited Oceans Master, Mate. Aids to Navigation Glossary Included. Navigation Lights Test See if you can recognize the different light configurations "Rules of the Road" Test(Over 1100 questions on the Rules of the Road) Enter a number from 1 to 1100. Cargo Equipment Cargo Stowage. All Able Seamen require either one of the following Lifeboatman endorsements: The endorsement in Proficiency in Survival Craft (PSC) (restricted) for mariners serving on vessels NOT equipped with traditional lifeboats. Examination Modules and Topics: Click on Module Title for Sample Exam Grey Boxes Represent Major Topic Headings In Accordance With 46 CFR Subchapter B Q450-Navigation and Rules of the Road: Q451-Deck General Safety: Nautical Terms: Chemical Testing. Damage Control . Rules of the Road . (6) Able seaman-fishing industry. The Seaman Must Contribute to the Work of the Vessel. The AB Seaman's Test (you can start where left off before) Enter a number from 1 to 100. Charts and Publications . The position must be able to pass a physical exam, administered by the employer’s occupational health provider. (5) Able seaman-sail. June 19, 2019 MCP-FM-NMC5-53 (03) NATIONAL ABLE SEAMAN § 12.401 . It is difficult to conceive of a vessel crew member who does not contribute to the accomplishment of the vessel’s mission. General Requirements, STCW Certificates, Endorsements & Training Required for Able Seafarer Deck (AS-D) Transitioning from Able Seaman or AB, the Able Seafarer Deck (AS-D or AB Deck) is a new STCW endorsement and is a qualified rating at the deck department on ocean going vessels of 500 GT or more. Such survival craft include rescue boats, inflatable life rafts, etc. (c) Requirements for certification. Table of Contents 1.0 Steering and Helm Orders 1.1 Principles of Magnetic and Gyro Compasses 1.1.1 Magnetic compass theory 1.1.2 Magnetic compass components 1.1.3 Gyro compass principles 1.1.4Gyro compass components 1.2 Use of the Compass 1.2.1 Steering the vessel by compass 1.2.2 Skill Check - Steering 1.3 Helm Orders 1.3.1 Elements that … Able Seaman Study Guide by Houston Marine. Deck Safety Breathing Apparatus. (we offer this as Part “B” of our Able Seaman program) Able Seaman Questions. Right Whales. Navigation (Over 2600 Nav. The position requires a negative response on a pre-employment drug test, and is subject to random drug testing after employment. Endorsement: Able Seaman Modules: Q450 - Q451. A seaman "contributes to the work of the vessel" if the seaman’s work adds to the accomplishment of the vessel’s mission. AS-D certificate corresponds with a certificate issued under STCW regulation II/5 of the … This exam is geared toward the rigors of life and safety at sea. Deck Engineering. This is a very broad definition. able bodied seaman (ab) On inspected commercial vessels over 100 gross tons a specified percentage of the deck crew must hold Merchant Mariner’s Credentials endorsed as Able Seaman.

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