The TSR 2 had been cancelled, so too had an order for ( Log Out /  Clearly there will be a mix of joy tinged with sadness at RAF Marham on Thursday as not only will this day witness th… Raf tornado aircraft ideal collectable for tornado enthusiasts or aircraft / cockpit restoration, museum display etc. The British military contribution to the Allied Coalition to remove the Iraqis from Kuwait was codenamed, Operation Granby. The Sea Eagle was a big missile and fitting four meant the loss of the main fuel tank pylon, so to ensure an effective radius of action only two were carried, half the load of the aircraft it replaced, the Buccaneer. In fairness, the F-15 and F-16 were both extremely specialised in their early life but superb engine/airframe performance allowed them to better adapt to new roles. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. From the cocaine, blood and flying scarves of World War One dogfighting to the dark arts of modern air combat, here is an enthralling ode to these brutally exciting killing machines. Training for this mission has resulted in more aircraft and crew losses than anything else, including actual warfare, over the last fifty years. The UK is currently procuring the F-35. There is also evidence an Iraqi Mirage F1 was taken out on the taxiway by a JP233 munition. Allowed HTML tags: